sábado, maio 06, 2006

As descobertas de hoje:

Mais uma lagartixa, diferente:

E o nosso sapo, que, pelos vistos, passa o dia no nosso lago dos pássaros:

4 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Wow, that's quite a shot and 1 lucky frog!
Cheers from the US!

António disse...

Thanks for your comment.
We think he lives with us for about 3 years...

Anónimo disse...

Wow, that's quite awhile....
Someone gave me a link for the first volume of the music
from yesterday. You better get it while you can.
It's better than the 2nd one! Cheers!

Anónimo disse...

Thanks for the translating device and the location.
Looks like you live out in the middle of nowhere (which is nice).
Do you then drive to Lisbon? No time, but will do the same for you tomorrow.
Thanks and glad you enjoyed the music! Cheers from the US!